Three scientists are at the source of Nectarome, two brothers and a friend.

Jalil Belkamel, PhD, pharmaceutical chemist and phyto-aromatherapy expert, specialized in essential oils.

Abdelfattah Belkamel, PhD in Pharmacy, specialized in essential oils.

Youssef Dehbi, cosmetic formulator.

Three devotees, proud of their heritage and confident in Nature’s benefits, dream of creating healthy products and showcasing the rich Moroccan, Berber and Arabo-Islamic heritage to the world.

In 1997, the context did not encourage such dreams. Morocco was thirsty for novelty and keen on trendy products, which at the time were mainly occidental. The grandmother recipes, although very rich and once extremely sought after, are slowly cast aside, or aren’t praised as much as they used to.

However, they still believe in their dream. They aspire to bring these centennial recipes with their multiple virtues up-to-date, and to showcase them to the world. Why let them be forgotten when they have so much to offer?

They thus decide to follow their passion and their convictions, to use their scientific knowledge, and to trust their instincts, in order to revive interest in these traditions and their countless benefits.

The challenge is big but so is their determination.



They create the Ourika Organic Aromatic Garden, where they set up a small production unit.

They cover every Moroccan beauty and health tradition: black soap, spices, aromatic plants, Ghassoul, Argan oil, essences, Henna, Nigella, and much more…

They take the time to understand their usage, to analyze their virtues, and to apprehend the expected effects. They isolate the active components and the essences that react to them. They take note of the plant and extract molecules that interest them, analyze the pruning period, and spot the best quality ingredients…

They craft and re-craft these recipes, to develop powerful products that would exceed all expectations, with the purpose to impress the consumers, even Moroccans.

Driven by the desire to satisfy local and foreign clients, as well as to educate, awaken and surprise them, they develop a first line of products inspired by the Hammam and the bathing rituals. They create new twists to historical products, such as the black soap aromatized with Eucalyptus Essential Oil.

We are then in 1997. Nectarome is born.