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Are all of your products natural?

Our products are all natural. We make a point of them being so.

We believe in natural wellbeing, in products that respect Man and the environment. We wish to raise as much awareness as possible among consumers about using healthy products in the long run, without ever skimping on quality.

We wish to prove that it is possible to choose not to choose between Naturalness, Quality, and Efficiency.

Why aren't your products certified organic?
The certification procedures are longue and complicated. We make products that are by far certifiable by different certification agencies. Our raw materials and our manufacturing techniques are all meticulously studied and meet the quality and production standards of these agencies. We are progressively launching the certification procedures.
Do you make all of your products yourselves?

We make the large majority of our products. We make all of the products from our Bath, Beauty Care, Hammam and Home&Gifts lines ourselves. We do however order a few of our raw materials from suppliers that we have carefully selected.

The products from our dietary line are primarily made by supplying partners whom we are used to working with and whom we have strictly selected. We do however extract the oils and make the aromatized oils ourselves.

Where do the raw materials come from?

We buy a few of the raw materials used in our products from carefully selected suppliers.

We make certain raw materials ourselves, such as the oils for example.

We encourage the work of small farmers in the Ourika region. We have thus set up various partnerships with local farmers, with precise specifications. We therefore require a certain quality of products, organic raw materials, and predefined extraction techniques.

For the products that are not available in the region, we have chosen different supplying partners whom we have also selected with great care, based on the same criteria.

What are the certifications you have to this day?

To this day, we have the Ecocert organic certification for our Argan oil. We also have ONSSA certification (health attestation).

Our production factory is certified ISO 22716, a standard that gives guidelines for the production, control, storage and shipment of cosmetic products.

Are your products vegan?

Only honey masks, food honey, and amlou (which also contains pure honey) are not vegan.

The rest of our products are.
We take care, for example, to buy our argan fruits directly and to do our own depulping, crushing and oil extraction, to be sure of the quality of the oil obtained and that the almonds did not pass through the goat.

Are your products tested on animals?

Absolutely not!
We are convinced that our wildlife as much as our flora need to be protected and preserved.

Respect for the planet also means respect for animals.